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Leo Fritsch

Quick Facts :

🎖️ – Ex- Chief Creative Officer @ Talents Nest Agency

🎖️ – 12 years of Freelance experience

📜 – Specialist in Digital Strategy Graduate of SAWI Lausanne – 2020

📜 – Laureate of the Best Idea Contest of the Entrepreneurship Week in Geneva – 2016

📜 – Cambridge English C2-level diploma

⚡ – Fueled only by motivation, not one gram of caffeine in this body

🧠 – Obsessed with productivity tools and nutrition

🤷‍♂️ – ADD + High IQ Diagnosed 

But wait… you don’t have a degree ?? 🧐

I figured long ago that I learned better on my own, and that things learned in schools are quickly deprecated now any way.

The world moves fast. ⚡

So I’ve learned by myself almost everything I know today.

But don’t take my words for it. 🤔

Let me show you what I can do, you’ll be the judge


Content Creation

10+ years of Freelance experience.

Graphic Design

Motion Graphics / Design



Videography & Directing


Digital Marketing

Graduate of the “Specialist in Digital Strategy” Diploma of SAWI Lausanne.

Helped medium to large clients with their growth strategy in Agency.

Successful launches of multiple Ads-backed ventures.


Content Strategy

Complete creation of unique digital content strategies for clients.

Helped newly established brands find their voice in the market.


recent work · Case studies


📷 Food Photography


On location Art Direction, Production, Shooting and Post-Production of Pouly’s latest food offerings for Social Media and Uber Eats. Management of creative team on site to respect planning deadlines and maximize time on set.


🎞️ Motion Design


Fun and informative internal video to help people use the new tech support plateform with ease for the Interational NGO GCSP’s tech departement, the ICT.


📷🎨 Content Creation

Talents Nest

As the Head of the Creative Department at Talents, I had the great pleasure of working for many great clients but I was also tasked with the responsibility for the Talents Nest Brand itself.

From photo shootings to small motion design clips, it was a great opportunity to express my creative inspirations fully.


💻 UI / UX Concepts

Various Clients


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